Oral Trauma Can Potentially Damage Braces

Your orthodontist installed your braces as part of a long-term treatment plan to gradually correct the alignment of your teeth. This requires routine adjustments to gradually alter the position of your teeth and jaw ligaments.

Unfortunately, a trauma can affect your mouth, just like any other part of the body. This may be a blow to the mouth while playing sports or from a fall or accident. In some of these cases, the force can chip a tooth or damage some component of your braces. When this happens, you will need an examination by Dr. Shabbir Adenwalla and Inayat Ashai. While you are waiting to see the doctor, you need to resist the temptation to try to repair or manipulate your damaged braces. Every little bit of movement has the potential to damage your braces or your mouth, and prolong your treatment time. If your mouth is bleeding you can gently rinse it with lukewarm saltwater. The doctor and their staff will handle any other cleaning measures for the damaged teeth and braces hardware. After assessing the problem, the doctor may repair or replace the damaged part of your braces and may treat any damaged teeth.

If you are in the Avon, Sandusky and Wadsworth, Ohio, area and you have just suffered a significant oral trauma that has affected your braces, you should call and schedule an appointment at A&A Orthodontics.

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