Understanding the Different Types of Braces that are Available

Alignment issues with your teeth or problems with an over or under-bite can compromise the full function of your mouth and leave you feeling self-conscious about your smile. Many people in this situation want to explore their options for realigning their smile with braces.

The different types of braces Dr. Shabbir Adenwalla and Inayat Ashai can install, all operate on the same core principle. Once the braces are fitted to your teeth, gradual adjustments made over time will stretch the periodontal ligaments anchoring your teeth closer to their ideal alignment. The type of braces Dr. Shabbir Adenwalla and Inayat Ashai recommends will be determined by your personal preference and the degree of adjustment needed to realign your teeth effectively.

Traditional wire and bracket braces cemented to the face of your teeth and linked by a wire on the top and bottom of your jaw. Traditional braces almost always include bands and spacers to further aid in the realignment process.

Ceramic coated braces are exactly like traditional braces, except that the visible hardware has been coated in a porcelain-ceramic material that is shaded to match your natural tooth enamel. Some people choose these type of braces simply for their cosmetic appeal.

Clear plastic braces are meant for people that only require minor realignment. This includes competitive brands like Invisalign or Clear Correct. The clear plastic aligners are custom shaped to your teeth. Every two weeks you switch out to another set that is tuned one step closer to your ideal alignment.

If you are interested being fitted for braces you should call Dr. Shabbir Adenwalla and Inayat Ashai at to schedule an appointment.

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