The Fundamentals of Malocclusions

Malocclusion is often thought of as terrible alignment in your smile that prevents optimum oral health. To set your path back on the road to success, misalignment and malocclusion must be corrected. For a list of guidelines concerning malocclusions, consider this: Types of incisor malocclusions: – Underbites, also known as bulldog teeth, occur when the… Read more »

Am I Ready for a Retainer?

If you are getting your braces off soon, or are considering getting braces, at some point in time, we’ll talk about fitting you for a retainer. A retainer is used to help keep your teeth in place after your braces have been removed. Like braces, a retainer is custom-made for you. Unlike braces, a retainer… Read more »

Retain Your New, Straight Smile

Your braces were installed in your mouth by your orthodontists to reposition your teeth. To do this, applied progressive tension to the hardware at your routine adjustment sessions. This effectively stretched the periodontal ligaments that anchor each one of your teeth in its specific socket. Once your teeth have attained their ideal alignment, Dr. Adenwalla… Read more »

Do Your Teeth Require a Professional Tooth Straightening Treatment?

Do your teeth require a professional tooth straightening treatment? Getting your smile straightened is an excellent way to ensure your oral health will remain in optimum shape for the rest of your life. With straighter teeth, you are able to clean all areas of your mouth easier, which can significantly lower your risk for tooth… Read more »

Invisalign® Can Help Adjust Minor Misalignments in Your Smile

Misalignment issues with the teeth in your smile can hamper your social life and leave you feeling self-conscious. Fortunately, Dr. can improve a problem like this with Invisalign®. This treatment includes the use of removable, custom-shaped aligners that are made from a durable, clear plastic. They are so unobtrusive that the casual observer will likely… Read more »

Braces Can Help Adults Prevent Dental Problems from Alignment Issues

Alignment issues can develop with your teeth from a wide range of causes. This could be an orthodontic issue that wasn’t addressed in your younger years or an alteration in your dentition from tooth loss. Even if you learn to live with the cosmetic imperfection of your smile, these alignment issues could lead to other… Read more »

Advice on Taking Care of Your Retainer

Your orthodontic retainer is very handy, especially because it keeps your newly straightened teeth from relapsing out of position. However, this is only the case if you keep it in tip-top shape. Now, our orthodontic team understands that this might be a difficult task if you’re not sure how to take care of your appliance…. Read more »

Oral Hygiene with Braces

Orthodontics is used to straighten the teeth and correct the bite. This can improve not only the appearance of your smile, but the health as well. Now that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, there are some things you should know about caring for your teeth and braces. Dental Hygiene with Braces Dental hygiene is a… Read more »

Invisalign® Can Come to Your Aid

For those that have crooked teeth or a misaligned bite, traditional braces are not the only option. If you would like to straighten your teeth without the use of metal brackets and wires, consider Invisalign® in Avon, Sandusky, and Wadsworth, . Invisalign is a series of clear, comfortable, removable aligners that straighten the teeth over… Read more »

Let Your Orthodontist Guide Your Child’s Oral Development

When most people think about braces, awkward teenagers who don’t want to smile and try to cover their mouths when they talk is what comes to mind. This is pretty much the common view of today’s society, but it is not the ideal image, nor is it the best time to be giving your child… Read more »