Got Questions About Orthodontics? Here Are Your Answers

If you have questions about orthodontic treatment, you’re not alone. Many people think of aligning their teeth, and their minds fill with questions about the treatment process, the appliances involved and more. To help you know more about orthodontics in Avon, Sandusky and Wadsworth, Ohio, and to give you the answers you’re looking for, our orthodontists, Drs. Adenwalla and Ashai, are happy to give you the answers to commonly asked questions about orthodontics.

Q: How does orthodontic treatment align the teeth?
A: Your orthodontic appliance will shift the smile with the pressure applied by the orthodontist. After each adjustment appointment, the pressure will slowly move the teeth into the desired positions.

Q: What appliances are available?
A: There are many appliances available, like metal braces, ceramic braces and aligners. Your orthodontist will examine your smile and determine which treatment is right for you.

Q: How long does treatment take?
A: Treatment depends on the severity of the misalignments in your teeth and jaw. However, treatment typically averages to be about 18-30 months.

Q: Does treatment hurt?
A: Treatment does not cause pain, but it can cause a little bit of discomfort. This is to be expected because the soreness is a sign of the teeth shifting and moving and should be easily managed.

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