Choosing the Right Type of Braces for Your Child

The truth is that it is very rare for a child to grow a perfect smile without the need for an orthodontic alignment. Of course, you want your child’s orthodontic experience to be as smooth and pleasant as possible. That’s why A&A Orthodontics would like you to be aware of all your options, so you and your son or daughter can make an informed decision. Here are all the types of orthodontic appliances to choose from:

Traditional Braces: Traditional braces are lighter and more durable than they used to be. Made of stainless steel, they are composed of metal brackets attached to each tooth using dental cement, which are linked together by a thin archwire. Dr. Shabbir Adenwalla and Inayat Ashai will tighten these braces at periodic adjustment appointments, gradually aligning your child’s bite.

Ceramic Braces: These work the same way as traditional braces, except that the brackets are made out of ceramic, making them less visible.

Damon Braces: Damon braces use a slide mechanism to attach to wires and move them naturally with the teeth as they realign. They require fewer adjustments and a gentler approach with faster results. They are also easier to clean.

Clear Aligners: Invisalign® aligners are a non-braces alternative designed to align your bite. They will be given a series of clear plastic aligners that look somewhat like thin customized mouthguards. They can take them out to eat or clean your teeth. They will switch out one aligner for a new one every two weeks.

Now that you have the basic information about each of your options, you and your child can visit A&A Orthodontics in Avon, Sandusky and Wadsworth, Ohio with confidence. Your orthodontist, Dr. Shabbir Adenwalla and Inayat Ashai can also help you find out more about what is best for your child’s bite. Call us at today!

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